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Florida Vacation Home Investment

(Featuring Orlando area)

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Resort Lifestyle with Attractive Income Potential

If you’re considering Miami for real estate investment, we encourage you to also look at this unique opportunity to own first-class vacation homes in Orlando. Due to the high quality of the community and the popularity of Orlando attractions, these properties are generating a much higher rate of return compared to traditional long-term rental properties. Not all Orlando vacation homes are created equal, however. Some properties will achieve as much as 60-70% occupancy per year while others may barely reach 40%, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of income difference.

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  • What makes some vacation properties more successful as investments – resulting in significantly more rental income.
  • What features vacationers are looking for in vacation homes, resulting in higher demand for the rental property.
  • The “must-have” amenities for a vacation home community, which results in consistent, higher occupancy rate.
  • Photos and floorplans of some of the most popular vacation homes in Orlando area.
  • A sample cash flow table of ChiefEssays.Net an Orlando vacation home that shows you the rental income based on actual figures.


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